January 15, 2024

Dear Partners & Friends,

I would like to take a moment to thank you so very much for the kindness, partnership, and resources you have provided to Parenting Way. Your support over the past years has meant so much to us and in so many ways. Even during those challenging times when funds were low and times were uncertain, your continued care and interest made those days a little easier.

Parenting Way, Inc., and its efforts to remain strong and viable have always focused on parents, children, and families. We always believed that parents, given the support and education they need, could learn, change, grow, and become their best to keep their children happy and healthy and to keep their family together.

Given the current status of our state and the Iowa Department of Human Services, we believe that many of our parents and referrals for services hinged more on wanting to prove parents could not change or become stable and functioning. We feel there is often a sense that parents, once "identified," can never move on to a better place in their lives. This resulted in so very many cases of children never to be reunited with their families. This goes against all that we have worked for, our mission, and the hope we always envisioned for families, struggling and without a voice, even for their own children.

Therefore, Parenting Way, Inc. has officially dissolved as of 12/31/2023 and will be working to disperse any usable items to other non-profits in the community and finalize legal and ethical matters.

Parenting Way, Inc. will always believe in parents and stands strong in feeling the education and support of parents is the most overlooked and underfunded resource we have in building strong communities where people genuinely care for each other and hope always for their best.

Thank you again for your kindness and faith in us over the years.

Dave Dhainin, Board Chair
Sue Renfrow, President & CEO