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Words of Wisdom for the New Year
by Janelle Grabill, Parenting Way

Well, a new year has begun. Many of you have made New Yearís Resolutions. It is a fact that most resolutions will get started, but few will ever be completed or brought to fruition. Yes, we have good intentions, but maybe too lofty goals. We might lack the will power or motivation, slip up once, and then feel we blew it, so why bother. Doesnít it seem more practical to just take each day, have an intention for that day, and then do the best we can to be the best we can for that one day? We donít need to prove anything, just take each day as it comes, and accomplish the tasks that we set out to do. Yes, it is important to have goals, both long term and short term, but it takes many gradual steps to get there. Putting a time frame on these just puts more pressure on us and sometimes makes us want to give up too soon or feel like it is an impossible dream. Be happy for the baby steps as well as the giant leaps! Be grateful. Be creative. Think outside of the box. Have fun, lighten up! Feel good about moving in the right direction. Put one foot in front of the other. Donít live in the past, press on. Try to look on the bright side of things and stay positive. Donít be afraid to soar. If you have a bright idea and it seems favorable, go with it. Move forward, even if youíve taken two steps back. Nobody enjoys being around a negative/pessimistic person, so try to stay upbeat or at least on an even keel. So, are you a person who sees the glass as half empty or half full? Yes, we will have times of distress, heart wrenching grief, despair, anger, guilt, exhaustion, you name it, but it doesnít mean we have to stay there. Choose to be hopeful. Make the most of the time you have here on earth. I have a few wise sayings I have heard recently. I will write these, and then make a list of ways you can change your thinking this year for the better. ďLife is a required course; you might as well do your best to pass it.Ē ďLet your smile change the world, donít let the world change your smile.Ē

  1. Read uplifting daily calendars, books, watch comedyís, and listen to uplifting music
  2. Look in the mirror and say 3 good things about yourself each day
  3. Keep a "pep-talk" box of fun mementos, scriptures, and other positive sayings/quotes
  4. At daysí end, list 3 positive things that happened that day
  5. Discover your passions and pursue them with all of your being
  6. Be grateful. Count at least 5 blessings each day that you are thankful for. They can be simple, like today I am thankful for a warm winter coat, hat, and gloves!
  7. Try to eat healthy foods, but treat yourself once in awhile too
  8. Exercise, stretch, walk, whatever feels right for you. Do a little something daily. Take stairs instead of the elevator, park a little ways away, do neck rolls at your desk. "A body in motion stays in motion", right?
  9. Learn to laugh at yourself and with others, not at others. Take things in stride. "Donít make a mountain out of a molehill.Ē ďDonít worry, be happy."
  10. Take time for yourself. Relax, read a good book, soak in the tub, get a massage, pedicure, or whatever else helps calm you. And get plenty of sleep. We need at least 7-8 hours a day as adults, and 10-12 for children.

Have a Safe, Happy, Blessed New Year!

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